Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Peter Pan .. and Finding Neverland

Sometimes life "offers" too much to worry that you feel like flying out of your window into the neverland and spending sometime with all the dwarfs , fairies and the little men ... This land is much better .. you sometimes feel a lot happier there and tend to believe that you belong there more than you belong to the real world.

Watched this wonderful movie .. Finding Neverland ... excellantly made, touching and cathartic. And later in the day ... I went to landmark and bought Barrie's Peter Pan.

The question remains .... Have I found my Neverland ??

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"Florentino is so in love with Fermina that he eats gardenias and drinks cologne so that he can know her taste. He becomes drunk on the cologne, and his mother finds him the next morning, in a puddle of his vomit, in a cove of the bay where drowning victims are known to wash ashore" - Love in the time of Cholera