Thursday, March 20, 2008

Game theory at inter-personal relationships

I have been ignited by the idea of Game Theorists working out concrete predictable models on everything from Trade Negotiations to bargaining with taxi drivers.

I also have a book on Game theory at work. ( How to use Game Theory to outthink and outmanuever your competition , James Miller)

But what these theorists and models and books overlook is that no-matter how many effective variables they consider, there is always the unknown dynamic variables that come into play at the last moment. ( Who/what will take care of/account for these ?? ) ( especially when, all you see in this world is a series of interlinked zero-sum games where the variables are too numerous and dynamic that we cannot script the outcome - even if we wanted to. ( even inter personal relationships like friendship , love and parental care are not excused out of this general model )

After thought
A) Is it that the reason why we dont want to know the outcome is because we cannot do it - and not because we dont want to !!
B) Sometimes the same rules in interpersonal relationships work fine ( if not better ) at/in business/networking ..

( Read this tip from Business Week on business networking :
DON'T be an apple-polisher
Everybody likes a compliment, sure, but nobody likes a lap dog—especially not your fellow MBAs. And recruiters can always sniff out blatant bootlicking. Even if you think you're being smooth, being insincere will still come across extremely quickly )

See !! A simple extension in your rules of interpersonal engagements !

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