Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Faux Pas

As I was just exploring some new words in French on the net ... I came across this common terminology to represent violation of unwritten social rules , ... Faux Pas ( pronounced Foh-pau or foh-paus ) ... A good example for this ...

In Russia Giving somebody an even number of flowers is Faux Pas !!. This should only be done in funerals. ;-) pretty strange huh ???

I was thinking what are the Faux Pas in India ? May be these are a few that i noticed ...

1. Touching women ;-) especially married .. unless she is related to you .

2. Walking in a house with your shoes on !

3. Coming for a marriage function without gifts . ( i think this is global )

I cant think of more ... ( Is it because of our extreme social openness or my inability to recall the last time i was civilized ?? )

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