Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Peltzman and Me

I got pulled over by the way side traffic cops. They realised ( I already knew ) that my emission check for the motor was expired by 2 weeks and I was carrying a lapsed insurance document. I was clearly at fault. ( Either Rs.700/- or Rs.200/- as a get-away money. ) I didnt have the money for the whole and I didnt want to bribe them. Its not an easy guess what I did.

3 days later
I have all my papers and all documentations done and now I drive recklessly . I try to provocate the cops just wanting them to pull me over and check my documents .
It was definitely the Peltzman effect.

Points here :

a) It should be made illegal for a cop to stop a traveller, without provocation or tangible proofs of traffic violation.
b) When there is a lot of traffic congestion/irregularities in Bangalore, the efforts should be focussed on fixing them first. ( not taxing the people at fault .. the government / traffic authorities should be taxed first ! )
c) What is the point of wearing helmets if the traffic moves at 20km/hr ?
d) Why is it NOT mandatory to wear seat belts inside a car here in India ?
e) There should definitely be regulation on the number of speed breakers , their dimensions and their location. ( And definitely atleast one neon light above them in the nights )

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