Tuesday, May 06, 2008

26 things you didn't know about me

1) Am mostly a happy-optimist who does lend (valuable) things to others .
2) Unlike what I sometimes project, Iam *NOT* a people-person. Invariably I distrust people more than I trust them. Are you listening ?
3) I have a tattoo on my foot ( the yin-yang ) and I take care of it like how a tattoo needs to be taken care of.
4) I like going out partying .. but in reality Iam not a party-person.
5) I like to be among loved ones .. but I dont have any around me ! ( Damn .. Am i depressed ? ) ( I confess : Sometimes I crave for a hug ... ) ( Damn .. I AM depressed ! )
6) I love computer games .. but I have 'grown a disdain' towards it because I suck at it.
7) I dont play tennis, basketball , cricket, or for that matter any sport that has do with my right hand. ( I had a freak accident that dislocated my right hand.. and now iam even scared to pick up a fight ) I dont bowl either. I dont lift weights though I jog.
8) I love talking to people Iam comfortable with .. I talk so much that people avaoid me the next time ... ( now did I say .. a) people whom IAM comfortable with .. not not who are comfortable with me !! b) people who are comfortable become 'un'comfortable with me :) )
9) Like everyone else I feel that Iam special ( Aaah ... not the mentally challenged 'special' ... you duffer ! )
10) I havent watched a movie alone in a single-sitting for a really long long time. ( Yep .. I used to go to movie halls alone ... but I have stopped doing that )
11) In a crowded mall, I sometimes feel concious .
12) Iam a poor dresser . ( I dont understand colors and matchings )
13 ) I sometimes think that Iam an undercover agent for some non-existent spying agency. ( In a crowded hall .. I search for people spying on me ) . Reality being .. Iam just another IT worker bee lost in the crowd. ( People take to fantasy to amuse their over-worked caffeine-dependent brains and otherwise dull life. )
14) I would like to be unmarried for ever .. but I need companionship .
15) I believe computers are an invention of the devil to keep people away from each other. ( now for once .. iam kidding )
16) I spend long hours reading other's blogs . Sometimes they are the only times when I take a break from work .
17) I hate regret ... I regret having to regret. I regret that I have to hate regret. My personal philosophy on regrets - They are hell on earth.
18) I so believe in the 80-20 rule .. or hmm 20-80 rule .. hmm maybe Iam getting it all wrong .. . Okay let me put it this way .. I donot want to spend 80% of my time .. pushing that 20% of perfection factor ... I would rather be happy getting it 80% perfect doing 20% of the effort .
conversly ...
I love any article with the heading "Tips and Tricks"
19) Iam *NOT* a foodie .. If it were possible to get my hands on a pill that would give me the daily-calorie-intake, I would happily feed on that .. ( but to confess again .. not for long ... maybe to break the boredom I might shift to a well-balanced-mouth-watering meal ! )
20 ) I do keep in touch with people. ( I like doing that ) - Getting in touch with old friends ( not aged friends ) gives me a kick. ( Hmmm I mean .. I do it for the kicks .. you know .. not literally )
21) I sometimes sweat at room temperatures.
22) Iam a coffee person .. nope. ... wait .. I like tea ... I mean I like coffee better than tea .. But I crave for tea more often ... hrrrr .... Frankly speaking ... Iam confused about it .. I like both ; depends on my craving.
23) I like taking long breaks from work. But hate frequent ones.
24) I sometimes wish I were 2 inches taller . ( But Iam happy with my body-type )
25) I like the feeling when it is just about to rain heavily ... and I like the smell of soil after the first rain . .. ( Cliched ..isnt it ?? I never claimed I have unique refined tastes )
26 ) I keep changing my mind ... every once in a while .. Nah ... not really .. Actually yeah .. Hmm Maybe .... Anyways ... I meant ... my priorities and decisions keep changing ... ( BAD !! ) bite this .. Initially this post was titled "23 things you didn't know about me" . Now I have to change it .

Now you are in the know !
( More to be added ...... )

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