Saturday, May 03, 2008

Whats with them on National TV ?

Sometimes opposing views of the interviewer and the one who is interviewed makes interesting TV material. Sometimes its a gross waste of time ... One of such kind was from Karan Thapar ( of Devil's Advocate fame ) and Rahul Bajaj, the industrialist.

Well as for me ... Iam glad I missed this interview. The complete transcript [ LINK ] .But must have been fun watching it !

Few excerpts from the easily-not-worth-watching interview :

Karan Thapar: Mr Bajaj now that you are an MP, explain to me how a man who is worth some Rs 420 crore can believe that he is the right representative for the people of Maharashtra?
Rahul Bajaj: I don’t like this word Rs 420 crore. The figure is Rs 419 crore and including my wife it is Rs 473 crore. My children and brothers are not included.
Karan Thapar: Alright not Rs 420 crore. You are associating all sorts of mischief with the word Rs 419 crore.
Rahul Bajaj: Rs 419 crore is a much better word.

Rahul Bajaj: Where did you go to school Karan?
Karan Thapar: Is that relevant?
Rahul Bajaj: It is very relevant because your logic is illogical.
Karan Thapar:If it is relevant I will tell you. I went to Doon School, Cambridge, Oxford and I know a lot about politics.
Rahul Bajaj: I went to Cathedral, St. Stephens, and Harvard, slightly better than you in every respect. So I understand logic. But I am a humble man unlike you.

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