Sunday, July 29, 2007

How do we begin to covet ?

Dr.Lecter :
What is the first and principal thing he does, what need does he serve by killing?
Clarice : Anger, social resentment, sexual frus-
Dr.Lecter : No, he covets. That's his nature. And how do we begin to covet, Clarice? Do we seek out things to covet? Make an effort to answer.
Clarice : No. We just -
Dr.Lecter :No. Precisely. We begin by coveting what we see every day. Don't you feel eyes moving over your body, Clarice? I hardly see how you couldn't. And don't your eyes move over the things you want?

Silence of the Lambs ( 1991 ) - Thomas Harris

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"Florentino is so in love with Fermina that he eats gardenias and drinks cologne so that he can know her taste. He becomes drunk on the cologne, and his mother finds him the next morning, in a puddle of his vomit, in a cove of the bay where drowning victims are known to wash ashore" - Love in the time of Cholera