Thursday, July 19, 2007

Two sides of the story #1 - The Haneef Detention

Fact -
Dr. Md.Haneef was charged two weeks after his arrest with giving support to a terrorist group because of his links to two brothers suspected in the failed British plot - distant cousins of Haneef's. He left a mobile phone SIM card with one of the brothers when he moved to Australia.
A magistrate on Monday granted Haneef bail, ruling the evidence did not justify holding him in custody. Hours later, the government canceled his visa and said he would be detained on immigration violations if he posted bail.

Side A-
Leaving back a SIM card, your car keys, etc are normal among NRIs who go back to India. The officials should not detain him just on this small connection, even after the court had granted him bail. The evidence is not stark enough .

Side B- Its perfectly okay for a nation to detain people to who have even the remotest link to terrorism, to uphold the safety of itself and its citizens. Didn't India have a dangerous period when innocent people were arrested on charges of terrorism under POTA and TADA ?

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