Friday, October 19, 2007

How much beer can one drink in a life time ?

A brewery in New Zealand has offered a reward of a 'life time worth of beer' for anyone who brings back (or give clues leading to the recovery of ) a laptop, which was a part of a loot after a break-in.

Later this 'life time worth of beer' turned out to be a dozen bottle of beer per month - that comes to roughly 50 liters of beer per year ! And assuming the 'lucky one' gets to live another 30 years ... thats 1500 liters of beer ( and according to their website ... it costs close to USD 9700 ) .. Hmm not a pretty bad deal !

The company has blatantly publicized the latest happenings about case of the missing laptop. I would definitely come back to their site and check out what happened ;)

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