Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Its all about Pooja !

Its a funny world . Pooja comes every year and goes every year . Everyone wants a good year. Three pictures I took for this years pooja .
1) Before pooja , a motor-mechanic-shop-owner ( phew... is there someone like that ?) clears all the 'junk' accumulated over the past year and turns his shop into something brand new. Readying for a better year.

2) On the day of pooja, some devout believer plants a tree on his kinetic honda. ( Talk about moving trees from Lord of the Rings :) ) . How can he ever ride safely on bangalore roads ?? ( Aaahh bangalore did you say ? forget safety ) The only parallel that I could draw was American highway travellers attaching two pine trees on their harley davidson during christmas and trotting the freeway 101 !!

3) A day after pooja , some one really hopes for a real good year ahead. Wishes came in bundles and bottles .. and probably it was too much of intoxication ... delirious with joy and in high spirits, he forgot his surroundings.

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"Florentino is so in love with Fermina that he eats gardenias and drinks cologne so that he can know her taste. He becomes drunk on the cologne, and his mother finds him the next morning, in a puddle of his vomit, in a cove of the bay where drowning victims are known to wash ashore" - Love in the time of Cholera