Monday, October 22, 2007

The 'rises' and 'falls' of bangalore roads

I thought Kerala had the worst maintained roads. Surprise Surprise ! .. Bangalore roads are even worse ! Move 3kms away from ITPL ( the hub of Software Companies and where even the Chinese Premier and other international 'figures' are brought in to impress ) and you would find one of the worst maintained roads in or around bangalore. Even worse are the speed breakers ( back breakers ) so steeply made that prompts me to think that the makers were inspired by the Pyramids.

Worse even still ... the roads that have more than 7 speed breakers within 1.5 kms ( not a tinge of exaggeration) have no street lights. So a first-timer on these roads would definitely have a roller- coaster ride ( literally ) .

Recently I got a forward from Gods own country .. A picture that reflects the sense of humour and the exasperation of the people in Kerala. The best roads in Kerala are something to be "fished" for. ( Worth travelling to Gods own country once in a lifetime... )

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